Mugshot of the Week!

Darryl Ross was recently arrested in Rockford, IL at a fast food restaurant after a mishap in the drive-thru.

"Mishap," you wonder?  Allow us to explain.

The 34 year-old Illinois resident had just completed ordering his meal, but instead of giving the cashier at the window cash, he handed her four small baggies with a white rock substance inside. 

After the employee received Ross' "payment," she did not give Ross his order, and instead went to the dining room where a County Sheriff's deputy happened to be.

Investigators found 7 baggies which tested positive for cocaine in his car, and a further 2 which tested positive for heroin.  

The original 4 baggies given to the cashier ended up testing positive for heroin.

Read more at CBS WIFR.

Monique Marvez

Monique Marvez

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