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Hundreds of Cockroaches Released in Albany Courtroom During Hearing


Photo: Getty Images

A fumigator was needed ASAP in an upstate New York courthouse. The fumigator was called a after hundreds of cockroaches were released during an altercation that broke out at an arraignment.

According to Huffington Post, the clash broke out during proceedings in Albany City Court for four people for an arrest at the state Capitol. A defendant who started to film the courtroom proceedings was told to stop. In the altercation that followed, hundreds of cockroaches brought into the courthouse in plastic containers were released, according to the state court system.

The courtroom was closed for fumigation for the day and the bug release was being investigated.

A 34-yeard old woman in the audience was arrested and hit with some charges related to the altercation. She was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental administration, and tampering with physical evidence.

She was released, and it was not immediately clear whether she had an attorney to speak on her behalf.

"What transpired is not advocacy or activism, it is criminal behavior with the intent to disrupt a proceeding and cause damage." according a statement from the Office of Court Administration.

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