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Florida High school Students Couldn't Get Prom Tickets so Parents Helped

Prom written with helium balloons

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A lot has changed with the pandemic even prom! Even as an adult you know how important prom is to our lives.

Navarre High School in Florida is hosting its first prom since 2019 and the students are beyond excited, well some are excited. Some actually won't able to attend.

"So, my daughter came home and told me that she didn't get a prom ticket because they were sold out." said a mother of a Navarre High School.

The school has chosen to hold the hold its prom at the University of West Florida in a venue that holds roughly 500 people, but the schools population is much higher than that. According to PNJ the schools tickets were opened exclusively to seniors during the first two days of purchasing period.

Now some of the parents in the community are banding together to offer an alternative prom to those who can't get a ticket from the school. They want to mirror the prom experience and are choosing the same date as the school's prom. They plan for ticket sales to cover the cost of the venue. Everything else from food to decorations has been offered up for free.

"We have a DJ. We have decorations. We have a photographer. We have parents who are willing to chaperone. We have everything, including a venue booked." said Kristen Peterson, one of the parents helping to organize the prom.

Although the prom may not have some of the traditional things like prom king and queen it is still a very nice alternative. Students were surprised the tickets were so limited, and support the alternative prom idea.

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