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Woman Says Naked Intruder Got in Bed With Her

Fire Visible Through Bedroom Door

Photo: Getty Images

A woman is speaking out after a terrifying home invasion was caught on camera.

According to WBTV, a surveillance video shows a naked man opening Krista Brown's front door, and walking in. She says the man got in bed with her and tried to cuddle with her. After working an overnight shift, Brown said she was taking a nap when it happened in the afternoon.

"This was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. As soon as I saw it was not my boyfriend, I screamed and jumped, and ran out of the of the house." Brown said

She said her family was doing chores at the time and that the man opened the front door when her son was taking out the trash. The police report identifies the naked man as Jason Kendrick and said upon leaving the first floor home, he went up to the building 's third floor where her brother Justin lives. Krista Brown said Kendrick re-rentered her home four or five more times before she and her family eventually got him to leave.

Providence police said they arrested Kendrick at the house next door, where they said he lives. He faces a breaking and entering charge. Court records show he is no stranger to the law , having been arrested more than 20 times on charges, including vandalism, assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

Krista is second guessing leaving the house after the incident.

"I don't want it to affect my work. I don't want it to affect how my kids go outside and play, but yeah I am..." she said.

Brown said she is looking to install an alarm system inside her home. She said her family has been keeping a closer eye on things since the incident, and she says she does not plan to move out of her family home.

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