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Woman Finds Naked Man Living in Her Trunk For 3 Days

Young beautiful woman wearing striped t-shirt standing over isolated yellow background peeking in shock covering face and eyes with hand, looking through fingers with embarrassed expression.

Photo: Getty Images

A woman had the fright of her life recently when she discovered a naked man had been living in her trunk for 3 days.

According to Global News the woman noticed some mud in her front seat of her car and concluded someone had broken in and spent the night in her vehicle so she cleaned and steamed the upholstery and moved on. Three days later she noticed her windows were fogged up. Later while she was inside her car she heard a voice say "hey." That is when she discovered the naked man in her trunk.

"At first I thought someone was playing a prank on me, and then when I realized what was happening, I just kwpt my phone recording because I wasn't too sure what was going to happen. I didn't know who this guy was. I didn't know if he was dangerous and he's been in my trunk for 3 days and didn't say a single word" the woman said

She had been driving around with him running errands, and going to work. She ended up calling the police.

"It was probably the most hysterical call I have ever been on. They're like what do you mean he's been in your trunk for 3 days? And I'm like Yes he's been in my trunk for 3 days. Please hurry!" she said.

Police confirmed that he is now getting the help he needs.

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