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Woman Stuck at Blind Date's House After Swift Covid Lockdown in China

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Photo: Getty Images

Can't ghost someone when you're stuck with them after the first date.

A woman went viral last week when she posted some videos on social media about how she unintentionally got stuck at her blind date's house during a very sudden lockdown.

According to the Huffington Post the woman explained that she had recently traveled to Zhengzhou before the Lunar New Year.

"I'm getting old now, my family introduced me to ten matches. The fifth date wanted to show off his cooking skills and invited me over to his house for dinner." said the woman.

Suddenly her date's community went into a swift quarantine due to the surge of COVID cases. She was stuck at her date's house for 4 days. So is this the most adorable love story you ever will hear? No.

"Because we don't know each other very well, it was not so convenient for me to live at his home. I felt a bit embarrassed. Besides the fact that he is as mute as a wooden mannequin, everything else about is pretty good. Despite his food being mediocre, he was still willing to cook, which I think is great." the woman said.

China has a zero COVID-19 policy, meaning that prompt lockdowns are routinely imposed in communities when cases of the virus are detected. In the past week, more than 150 cases have been reported in Zhengzhou.

As for the woman, she appreciated the social media response.

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