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Nurse Shares Most Jaw Dropping Deathbed Confessions

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An Intensive Care Unit nurse has been sharing some of the most shocking deathbed confessions she has heard while working in hospitals over the last three years.

According to Mirror Nurse JJ says sharing deathbed confessions has helped her deal with them. She has gone viral for revealing some of the most jaw-dropping deathbed confessions she claims to have ever heard while working, which include murder, kidnapping, and leading a double life.

Some of the confessions are downright terrifying and Nurse JJ wishes some people had taken their secrets to the grave instead of telling her as she now has to "live with it". One patient admitted to killing a neighbor because of where he wanted to put his fence. She admits that patient creeps into her thoughts a lot. She says another patient claimed their uncle may have bee involved in a missing persons case.

"The girl went missing 30 years ago and I think my uncle took her. The sweater in her missing poster was in his garbage." said Nurse JJ in her Tik Tok video.

She said another person on their deathbed was a prisoner who said they had taken the fall for their was after she killed the woman he had cheated on her with, because he felt guilty.

Some confessions were more bizarre than scary. One patient was a hairdresser for 20 years and kept all the donated hair to knit sweaters with. Another person said they had bee stealing money from their blind friend. Another patient had two families and was worried about who would turn up at the funeral.

While there are some wild secrets, I think we can all agree that Nurse JJ sure is strong. It takes a lot to live with other peoples problems.

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