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Government Can't Explain Much About Mysterious Flying Objects

UFO flying over forest at night

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Everyone was on the edge of their seat when we found out the government was going to tell us all the information they had on UFO's but it turns out they don't know much.

According to NBC news the government cannot explain 143 of the 144 mysterious flying objects and they're blaming limited data. The report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, was meant to shed light on the mystery of those dozens of flying objects, spotted from 2004-2021, but instead said it didn't have adequate data to put all but one of them into a category.

The one UAP, unidentified flying phenomena, was a large deflating balloon and the others remain unexplained.

The report does not mention aliens or even vaguely hint at an extraterrestrial explanation for the reported sightings, but makes clear that much of the phenomena may be beyond the existing means of the government has to identify such objects.

"We have no indications that there is any nonterrestrial explanation for them, but we have to go wherever the data takes us. We do not have any data that indicates that any of these unidentified air phenomena are part of a foreign collection program nor do we have any data that is indicative of a major technological advancement by potential adversary." said a senior U.S. government official said ahead of the report release.

The report said these UAP's represented safety of flight issues and potential operational security issues. Parts of the report remain classifies. According to the report there were 18 incidents reported in which UAP's that were seen featured some sort of "unusual movement patterns or flight characteristics." including propulsion or other technology that wasn't evident and that could be advanced. Eleven of the incidents were near misses with military planes.

It was noted in the report that the limited amount of anecdotal data, as opposed to scientific data, and the inconsistencies in reporting due to the lack of a standardized system make evaluating UFos a challenge.

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