Syria, Cosby & Star Wars: Battlefront II

ICYMI: The Mo’Kelly Show Presents – Trump’s condemnation of the Syrian chemical attack that Russia calls a 'hoax', (Ir)regular Guest Commentator Johnny Wendell’s thoughts on the tariff’s against China and an update from The Cosby Files!!!

PLUS - Mo’ goes 'Beyond The Music' with AAA Game Composer Gordy Haab and his latest release “Star Wars: Battlefront II”

(Photo Courtesy – Tawala Sharp)

Gordy Haab is a AAA Game Composer who has been nominated for several GDC G.A.N.G. awards including Music of the  Year, Audio of the Year, Best Interactive Score and Best Cinematic Cutscene Audio.

On his most recent project; scoring ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’, Haab is literally one of a handful of people on the planet - including John Williams - who are called to write music for ‘Star Wars’ projects.

(Video Courtesy – YouTube)

The score to ‘Battlefront II’ - like with the first ‘Battlefront’ - was recorded with a 100-person orchestra and 20-person choir at Abbey Road studios in London, the same studio where John Williams records the music for ‘Star Wars’!

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