Later, with Mo'Kelly

Later, with Mo'Kelly

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The March for Our Lives & The Sunny Family Cult

The Mo’Kelly Show Presents – “The March for Our Lives” as the youth of America take to the streets and march for gun control in the United States!

PLUS Mo goes behind the scenes with Crypt TV's "Sunny Family Cult" star Russell Cummings:

(Photo courtesy of – Tawala Sharp)

"Crypt TV's “The Sunny Family Cult” is one of the most watched horror/thriller web shows….With nearly 3 million FB fans, they are gearing up for their 3rd season on the platform."

(WARNING - Video contains strong language and violence)

(Video courtesy of – YouTube)

"The Sunny Family Cult started as a Serial Killer Duo in the 1980s, and quickly rose to have Bonnie and Clyde like fame, which created copycat killers. As they became older and continued to kill, the duo started to encounter fans, who would eventually join their cult - these people nearly worshiped them..."

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