The Mo’Kelly Show welcomes Sgt. Adam Bernstein and The Bogey Brigade!

(Photo courtesy of – Tawala Sharp)

The Bogey Brigade delivers support through the therapeutic relief golf provides… "Vet's play, we pay".


As veterans the hardest steps we take in reintegration into civilian life are the steps we take forward. The mind's attempt to make sense of our life experience is a constant struggle between the rational and emotional fought in order to affect forward progression. The hardest part of it all is that this struggle is a war fought behind our eyes, in the dark, and in many cases; totally in the absence of societal support. Home now, home for good, we are expected to compartmentalize our traumas, and those of us who are fortunate enough to receive what little support is available must do so within the confines of a conventional medical model. Guess what, we are not conventional! Our experiences are not conventional, the way we walk, talk, and deal with our problems is not conventional. The Bogey Brigade defies the structure of convention by ensuring that veterans have the opportunity to benefit from golf's inherent therapeutic quality. Golf fosters sportsmanship, camaraderie, good ethic, and integrity in an environment of serenity, making it the type of recreational therapy Veterans and their families deserve.

The Bogey Brigade works in tandem with a network of golf course's that believe in our cause. We thank each and every supporter and participating golf course for enriching the lives of those who served by working diligently with the Brigade to provide cost free green fees to our veterans, monthly. As the Brigade's numbers grow in both Veterans and supporters it is our goal to ensure Veterans across the United States are benefiting from golf's therapeutic value.

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