The culpability of sexual harassment, searing reviews & Superstition

ICYMI: The Mo'Kelly Show Presents – The culpability of those accused of sexual harassment, the world's first human head transplant and a scathing review of WB’s “Justice League”!

PLUS: Actress Robinne Lee (Hitch 2005, Seven Pounds 2008 and National Security 2003) joins the program to introduce her new SyFy series “Superstition”!

(Photo courtesy of – Morris O’Kelly)

In Superstition Robinne plays Bea Hastings, wife of co-star Mario van Peebles character Isaac Hastings. Their family owns the only funeral home in the mysterious town La Rochelle, a town in the Deep South where superstitions, ancient myths, and legends are true.

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Superstition airs Friday nights at 10pm.

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