The Mo’Kelly Show welcomes SAG-AFTRA presidency candidate Peter Antico.

(Photo courtesy of - Tawala Sharp)

Peter Antico, a veteran stunt coordinator and actor, has two passions, finance and film. He attended California Lutheran University, UCLA’s Screenwriting program and studied acting with Allan Rich (A Leap from the Method), and improvisation at The Groundling Theater.

Antico’s film credits as an actor include; The Creators, Wall Street 2, The Other Guys, Black Dynamite, Daredevil, Training Day, Monster Trucks, The Hunt For Red October, Con Air and Lethal Weapon III.

Antico, who made the announcement on his Facebook page, has been a longtime critic of SAG-AFTRA’s elected leadership and its executive staff.

According to Antico: “SAG-AFTRA is run by actors who are not educated in corporate finance, nor governance,” he said. “We must restore ethics and sound business practices to SAG-AFTRA, through education, transparency, love and forgiveness. We are all responsible, good or bad, for what has taken place in SAG-AFTRA to date. Join me in affecting a change that benefits the ideology of the highest good for all.”

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