Police Investigation Prompts School Lockdowns in Tujunga Area

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TUJUNGA (CNS) - Several schools in the Tujunga area were placed on lockdown Tuesday due to a police investigation involving a report that a man wearing tactical gear and carrying a black backpack was seen riding a scooter in the area.

The incident began about 9:30 a.m., but no weapon was seen and no injuries were reported, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

No suspect had been found as of early Tuesday afternoon, police said.

"Mount Lukens Continuation High, Verdugo Hills High School, Mount Gleason Middle School, Apperson Elementary School, Plainview Elementary School, Pinewood Elementary School and Pinewood Early Education Center are currently impacted by police activity in the surrounding neighborhood," Lt. Nina Buranasombati of the Los Angeles School Police Department said in a statement early Tuesday afternoon.

"The Los Angeles Police Department is currently the lead agency on this matter. All students and staff are currently safe," Buranasombati said. "Impacted families have been notified by their respective schools via their notification system, which includes phone and email alerts."

Buranasombati released the following statement from the Los Angeles Unified School District:

"Our school is currently undergoing a lockdown due to police activity in our surrounding neighborhood. As a precautionary measure, we are modifying our operations to ensure the safety of our students. Our students are safe and our school remains open for instruction.

"We are also maintaining direct communication with local authorities, who are keeping us updated with the latest developments. They have advised that our school remains safe for instruction. The Los Angeles School Police Department is also on our campus as a precautionary measure."

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