Court Appoints Receiver for Skid Row Housing Trust

Skid Row During January Winter Storm

Photo: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles Superior Court appointed Mark Adams today as receiver for the Skid Row Housing Trust, and he will lead efforts alongside the city to save nearly 2,000 units of permanent, supportive housing.

``This is a bold and historic step towards making more housing available in Los Angeles, brining more Angelenos inside and saving lives,'' Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. said in a statement. ``This action will help us scale our programs to house more Angelenos as we face a crisis of 47,000 people sleeping on the street.''

Adams appointment follows the announcement by the mayor and City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto to preserve and rehabilitate the nearly 2,000 units of housing owned by Skid Row Housing Trust, which could not continue operating its 29 buildings in Los Angeles.

``This office is fully committed to brining to bear every tool in our legal and regulatory toolkit to prevent and reduce homelessness,'' Feldstein Soto said in a statement.

City officials those 29 buildings house approximately 1,500 tenants who are among the most vulnerable people in the city. Many of those tenants require health services, security and daily assistants, which the city is working with the county and other government agencies to provide. Under the receivership, Adams will be able to rehabilitate 500 units under orders of abatement to make those units available for housing. He is the founder and president of the California Receivership Group.

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