Orange County Sheriff's Officials Release More Details of Jail Beating

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SANTA ANA (CNS) - Orange County sheriff's officials Thursday released more details about the beating of a jail inmate that left him comatose.

Emilio Rosalesoseguera, 44, was attacked in intervals multiple times by 13 other inmates in the Men's Central Jail in Santa Ana over 37 minutes on the morning of Jan. 11, according to Carrie Braun, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

The attacks began right after a deputy safety check in a module housing 68 inmates, Braun said.

"The inmates appeared to conceal the assaults and posted lookouts and coordinated" the attacks, Braun said. The inmates steered the victim into places out of view of deputies, she added.

The attacks began about 8:45 a.m. and continued until about 9:20 a.m. when a deputy was notified there was a man down, Braun said.

They also timed the attacks during a "busy time" of the day, Braun said.

The inmates face an array of charges including attempted murder, torture, kidnapping and gang activity. According to the criminal complaint, the attack was carried out on behalf of the Mexican Mafia.

The defendants are:

-- Jonathan Arley Gonzalez-Sanchez, 31;

-- Luis Carrera, 40;

-- Jesus Jurado, 29;

-- Sean Stanford, 31;

-- Xavier Rangel, 29;

-- Brandon Hernandez, 27;

-- Hector Rodriguez, 27;

-- Mario Allen, 21;

-- Jesus Merino Carrera, 29;

-- Jesus Mendoza Voguel, 32;

-- Evelio Justiz, 50;

-- Marco Decastilla, 26; and

-- Henry Portillo, 20.

The victim was jailed for allegedly driving drunk in Anaheim on Jan. 7, according to court records. He was arrested by the California Highway Patrol, and, according to the criminal complaint, he has three prior DUIs in San Bernardino County. Rosalesoseguera is accused of driving with a 0.20 blood- alcohol content.

The victim was charged with DUI on Jan. 10 when he pleaded not guilty.

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