KFI Don't @ Me

Don't @ Me is a weekly 30-minute podcast filtering the news millennials actually care about. The reckless and unfiltered podcast is hosted by three diverse producers explaining politics, tackling current news, and commenting on pop-culture that's newsworthy. We do the hard research so you don't have to.

We begin each episode with a 2-minute recap of news you might have missed: 4-5 stories not widely covered by media.That's followed by a fun, fresh intro of “Don’t @ Me’s,” generally unpopular or controversial opinions we feel strongly about. Then we cover 4-5 big news stories we’ve come across on social media.

A 280-character message does not always resonate. It's the familiarity in a voice that truly ignites a story. Don't @ Me is a seamless way to integrate marginalized opinions and news into the daily life of working millennials. This is the news millennials care about. The news that affects us, affects who we want to be and most importantly, shapes the world we want to inherit.

Think of Don't @ Me as the Late Night Show of Podcasts by millennials, for millennials.


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