If You Haven't Been to the Gym this Year, It's Probably Due to Your Clothes

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Working on that New Years resolution to hit the gym more? If not, you might be unmotivated to go for a few reasons. A recent study, however, showed that theres one majority reason why people don't workout more - and no, it's not because you need to catch up with the recent episode of the The Bachelor. It's actually cool workout clothes. The poll states that 92% of people would definitely want to bust a sweat in the gym if they had better activewear.

69% have said that they are scared others will judge them if they don't wear the appropriate clothing in the gym.

Other excuses for not exercising include not having any clean workout clothes, not being in the mood to workout, feeling sick or too much work and other responsibilities taking up time.

Don't let these excuses hinder you from staying in shape. A simple t-shirt and shorts will do!

What is the biggest reason you haven't worked out lately?

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