Woman Quits Job to Search For Missing Dog

If you've ever been heartbroken after losing a family pet then you can understand what one family was feeling after their dog, Katie, went missing. Washington couple, Carole and Verne King, were distraught after a frequently family visit to Montana went bad after their collie disappeared. The dog, who is considered a family member, was freaked out during a storm and ran out of an unlatched door.

"I raced downstairs and talked with the hotel clerk, in hopes that they had my dog," Carole said. "They didn't."

The family was intent to locate their pet Katie and for 57 days, focused all of their efforts on that task. The King's searched through the wilderness near Glacier National Park, and even bought night vision goggles to scour abandoned buildings and fields.

Carole even quit her job to hunt for Katie.

After their search produced no results, the couple decided to write a letter to Katie, concluding with "Instead of saying goodbye, I would rather say, 'see you soon.'"

That message must have gotten through somehow, someway because 4 weeks later, the King's received a message saying that a dog resembling Katie was located.

The family was then reunited. Watch in the video below.

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