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Popeyes, Wendy's, Chick-Fil-A Start Beef Online, Twitter Reacts

Burger King Parent Restaurants International Acquires Popeyes For $1.8 Billion

Three fast-food restaurants have started some online beef over their chicken sandwiches. Just last week, August 12th, Popeyes chicken restaurant introduced a new item to their menu - a chicken sandwich. The latest addition features a hand-breaded, buttermilk battered chicken filet between a toasted brioche bun and topped with pickles. Customers can also choose to pair it with a mayo or spicy Cajun spread.

With hype surrounding the new sandwich on social media, Chick-Fil-A decided to jump in the mix with a casual message informing timelines that their sandwich, which comes with a toasted, buttered bun with dill pickle chips. came first.

"“Bun + Chicken _ Pickles = all the (love) for the original,” the company tweeted out.

The chicken restaurant, which claims its sandwich dates back to the early 1960's, has also stated via their twitter bio "We Didn't Invent The Chicken, Just The Chicken Sandwich!"

Chick-Fil-A twitter account @ChickFilA

Popeyes then jumped onto the seemingly passive attack with a jab that has currently earned nearly 300,000 impressions since this morning.

"... y’all good?" the company tweeted back to Chick-Fil-A.

Twitter followers began to make the restaurants trend online as people debated over who has the best sandwich.

Chick-Fil-A has yet to respond, but fast-food chain, Wendy's took that silence as an opportunity to once again insert themselves into a twitter fight among restaurants.

"Y’all out here fighting about which of these fools has the second best chicken sandwich," Wendy's tweeted out with a photo of their chicken deluxe sandwich claiming to have the number one spot.

We're not sure who handles the social media for any of these accounts, but the cracks began to take off.

"Sounds like someone just ate one of our biscuits. Cause y’all looking thirsty," Popeyes responded. Many users on social media have made a running joke of Popeyes biscuits being incredible dry and liking them to a weapon causing death by choking.

"I’m suing Popeyes for attempted murder. The weapons were dry a** biscuits and chicken," user @finesser4ever tweeted out.

"lol, guess that means the food’s as dry as the jokes," Wendy's closed out the fight.

We don't really see a winner coming out of this fight, but Twitter will continue to instigate the feud prolonging it for some time, we're sure. Check out some hilarious reactions to this chicken fight below!

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