McDonald's Newest Cups Appear to Have Sexual Imagery

There's a new McDonald's design that causing quite the storm online. The fast-food chain recently released new cups for their latest drink, the Mcfizz, located in Japan and other international branches. The drink, intended to be light, sparkly, and fun, has the animated designs of a young boy and a young girl on either side. After the finishing the drink, it's supposed to appear as if the two are kissing each other. Turns out that if you tilt the cup ever so slightly, one can see a lot of other ...inappropriate images.

Many Twitter users have jumped into the conversation with varying opinions. One user believes the design was a complete mistake stating, "Still got a feeling it's not unintentional...cos it's Japan."

Do you think McDonald's just pull these cups from the stores and create a new design or just continue to sell them?

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