Newlywed Falsely Reports Her Husband Murdered Her After Allegedly Cheating

A Bluffdale woman was not happy to find out that her husband may have allegedly been cheating on her. Rebbecca Spring Nielson, 44,was arrested for criminal mischief after she made a false police report that her husband had fatally shot her. KSL reports that the incident occurred around 2 a.m. Tuesday (June 25th) after Nielson saw that her husband was texting another woman.

After an argument ensued, Nielson left the home with her husbands phone and proceeded to text the other woman. According to a Salt Lake County Jail report, Nielson pretended to be her husband writing that, "he had shot his wife and didn't know what to do."

Police officers all from Saratoga Springs/Bluffdale, Herriman and the Unified Police Department responded to the Nielson's home demanding the residents to exit.

Authories soon learned that it was Rebecca sending the messages and she was very much alive. According to the wife, "she wanted to see how the (the woman) would respond, and Rebbecca wanted to see if the (woman) would be … covering up the crime."

The newlyweds have been married for 10 months now.

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