Defendant Tries to Throw Poop at Judge, Claims "It's Protein!"

A Miami-Dade man wanted to go out with a bang when he decided to defecate during his criminal trial and share that with the judge. The defendant, Dorleans Philidor, 33, who has been charged with burglary, was sitting in a wheelchair allowing him to prep for the violation. Philidor aimed to throw his feces at Judge Lisa Walsh, but very fortunately did not reach her. As the feces went flying, the defendant yelled, "It's protein! It's good for you!"

This is nothing new for Philidor. Miami Dade Circuit Court spokeswoman Eunice Sigler says that a similar act played out in his holding cell earlier this week. According to Local10, dozens of officers responded to the incident and the courtroom was promptly sanitized.

Philidor has since been acquitted of the burglary charge but faces another grand theft auto trial

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