Being a fast-food employee is hard enough. Low pay, long hours, and your clothes end up smelling like fried whatever. But now, KFC is trying to make things a little easier for new employees by putting them through a 'virtual' training environment. 

A press release from the chain said the new VR environment (experienced by trainees through an Oculus Rift headset), will show new employees how to make its signature Original Recipe fried chicken. 

The new employee must play as a pair of disembodied hands to show (virtual) mastery of the five-step cooking process every KFI employee learns in restaurants around the world. The process includes inspecting the chicken, rinsing it, breading, racking and pressure-frying the birds. 

The trainee is tutored by a cackling Colonel Sanders who takes the new employee through the entire cooking process (with plenty of asides on why robots are stupid and should never make his chicken). Once the employee's virtual chicken passes muster with the all-seeing Colonel, the trainee is allowed out of the virtual escape room.

Why switch over to virtual training? The release notes that the VR training program teaches workers the process faster than it would in real life. One can't help admire the idea, no matter how dystopian it may feel at first. 

The VR training won't replace the trainee's hands-on experience. "The game is intended to supplement the existing Chicken Mastery program, not replace it...This is intended to be a fun way to celebrate the work KFC’s more than 19,000 cooks do every day in every restaurant across the U.S. in an engaging way.”

Check out KFC's training... umm... (video? VR experience? Brave New World?) below.