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Paul Pelosi's Brutal Hammer Attack Footage Released

Surveillance and bodycam video has surfaced from the October 2022 attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at their Northern California home.

The attack sent Pelosi, 82, to the hospital for emergency surgery on a skull fracture and other injuries, according to authorities.

The video shows when police knocking on the door of Pelosi's home, before the door opens to reveal Paul Pelosi and suspect David DePape


Officer: What's going on, man?"

DePape: Everything is good," as he and Pelosi each have one hand on a hammer, with DePape also placing a hand on Pelosi's wrist.

Pelosi appears to be holding an object in his other hand.

"Drop the hammer!" the officer then says as he shines his flashlight at the two men.

"Umm, nope," DePape responds, before starting to pull the hammer away from Pelosi, who says "hey! hey, hey hey!"

The hammer then breaks free and DePape is seen swinging the hammer towards Pelosi, who appears to attempt to retreat the weapon before being struck.

Police burst into the home and capture DePape.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, D.C., at the time of the incident.


When San Francisco police arrived at the home around 2:30 a.m., they found Pelosi in his pajamas and the intruder wearing shorts, sneakers and a sweatshirt, according to court filings.

The encounter lasted just 15 seconds from when Pelosi opened the door for officers to when the hammer attack took place, according to a filing.

"The two officers opened the door to see the foyer of the Pelosi Residence, Mr. Pelosi, wearing a long-sleeved shirt,DEPAPE in shorts, running shoes and a sweatshirt, and DEPAPE and Mr. Pelosi jointly gripping a hammer," an indictment read.

Investigators said that DePape researched homes of Pelosi and two other targets on an alleged hit list two days before breaking into the House Speaker’s $8 million mansion.

Fox News sources say, Officers from the U.S. Capitol Police also had live video surveillance outside the Pelosi's Bay Area residence, but weren't watching it when DePape allegedly attacked Pelosi. But the officers were monitoring a live-feed of many cameras and missed the incident.

According to sources, If the officers were watching the feed monitoring in real-time, the break-in would have been seen and prevented the attack.

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