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America Has 'Work To Do,' According to Jennifer Siebel Newsom

2020 Sundance Film Festival - "On The Record" Premiere

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the first lady of California, stated on Monday that society still has "work to do," due to the fact that the jury was unable to agree on two charges involving Siebel Newsom's accusations, however, they found Harvey Weinstein guilty on counts involving a different accuser.

Throughout the trial, Weinstein’s lawyers used "sexism, misogyny, and bullying tactics to intimidate, demean, and ridicule us survivors,” Siebel Newsom said in a statement.

Throughout the trial, Weinstein's attorneys referred Siebel Newsom's:

“another bimbo who slept with Harvey Weinstein to get ahead in Hollywood” and someone who engaged in “transactional” sex.

Despite the unanimous decision on her testimony, Siebel Newsom praised the outcome saying that Weinstein,

would “never be able to rape another woman” and he'll “spend the rest of his life behind bars where he belongs.”

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