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L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s Nomination for U.S. Ambassador to India is Stalled

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President Joe Biden chose Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as his nominee for US Ambassador to India. Garcetti's nomination, however, has been halted due to allegations that he mishandled repeated sexual harassment allegations against his former deputy chief of staff, Rick Jacobs.

The controversy precluded Garcetti from gaining the 50 votes in the Senate Democratic caucus to be confirmed. Garcetti continues to vigorously advocate for the position, indicating that the White House is keeping the candidacy alive despite obstacles and new charges against Jacobs, as well as an imminent trial that will draw attention to them.

Even though the city of Los Angeles is being sued by Los Angeles Police Department officer Matt Garza, Biden has continued to support Garcetti for the position.

Garcetti stated during his Senate confirmation hearing that "he never saw Jacobs behaving inappropriately and was never told about any problems with him."

"I also want to assure you," he went on, "that if it had been [brought to my attention], I would have immediately taken action to stop that."

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"Garcetti's shameful record as an enabler of sexual abuse is not a partisan matter. Senators of both parties are rightly concerned that an ambassador in a politically vital country needs to be able to speak with a clear moral voice, particularly given India's record of rampant sexual violence against women. Such a record does not just make Garcetti unfit to be confirmed. It should be disqualifying for anyone seeking any public office, anywhere."

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