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Model Accused of Being Harvey Weinstein's 'Pimp'

Harvey Weinstein Court Hearing - Los Angeles, CA

Photo: Getty Images

The 39-year-old model Claudia Salinas was accused of setting up Harvey Weinstein's meeting with Jane Doe 2 at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills in February 2013.

During cross-examination by defense attorney Mark Werksman, Salinas was asked whether she had offered the woman up to Harvey Weinstein sexually.

"Absolutely not," Salinas responded.
“Did you act as a pimp for Mr. Weinstein?” defense attorney Mark Werksman asked.
Salinas replied, “No.”

Salinas alleged that the accuser's account was "pure fiction" and that she had never seen Jane Doe 2 enter a bathroom with Weinstein.

Back in 2020, Salinas gave testimony at Weinstein's New York trial, where she repeated her denial of the accusation.

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