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City Council Protestors Instructed to Clear the Aisle, Reduce Noise Or Else

Los Angeles City Hall

Photo: Getty Images

Protestors continued to demand for the resignation of LA city council members in attempt to shut down the meeting at Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday. City Council President Paul Krekorian warned protestors that if they did not cooperate, they could be arrested, but they continued to chant.

The protestors filed out on their own, peacefully chanted,

"We'll be back!"

According to Los Angeles Daily News, council members were compelled to wear headphones in order to hear what others were saying to them through microphones and the remarks made by call-in members.

“Yesterday, we demonstrated that the work of this council will not be deterred by … distractions,” he said. “It will not be disrupted today either. I’m going to instruct the members of the public who are standing in the aisle to take your seats so we can begin public comments,” Krekorian said Tuesday.

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