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Now California Wants To Ban Natural Gas Furnaces, Water Heaters

It's always something!!!

This time, California is looking to ban natural gas furnaces and water heaters...

Repairman with Digital Infrared Thermometer Checks Gas Furnace Output Temperature

Photo: Getty Images

A proposal approved by the state's Air Resources Board on Thursday calls for all gas-fueled appliances to be phased out by 2030.

The proposed move is part of an effort to reduce the California's carbon footprint and comply with federal air quality standards, which would reduce smog in the state, according to the proposal.

Environmentalist Leah Louis-Prescott, a senior associate at RMI, says the state is hoping to lead others in making an effort to clean up the air. "We’re really hopeful that this is the beginning of a domino effect and other states will follow California’s lead," she says.

Check out more details on The Mercury News.

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