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Wife of Man Who Killed Two El Monte Police Officers Speaks Out

The wife of the man who opened fire and killed two El Monte police officers has spoken out about her husbands actions.

Diana Flores, the wife of the man who murdered two El Monte police officers, gave her account as to what took place on Tuesday.
El Monte police officers Joseph Santana and Cpl. Michael Paredes were murdered on scene.

According to Flores, she was staying at the Siesta Inn Motel in El Monte to get away from her abusive husband, who allegedly stabbed her the day prior to the shooting. She says that her husband then found out where she was staying and showed up to confront her. After the confrontation began, police arrived on scene.

Flores spoke to NBCLA on Wednesday, a day following the murder of the two El Monte officers saying:

"I didn’t get stabbed yesterday, I got stabbed the day before yesterday," 

As of right now, it is unclear why the police officers responded the day after she was allegedly stabbed.

In a statement to NBCLA, Flores stated that she warned El Monte police officers Joseph Santana and Cpl. Michael Paredes that her husband had a gun and told them not to enter the room. The statement read:
"I am so deeply sorry. My deepest condolences for saving me. I’m so, so sorry. They didn’t deserve that, or their families. They really didn’t. They were trying to help me and I told them before they went in the room, 'don’t go in, he has a gun.' And they still went in,"

She continued by saying:

"I didn’t want anyone to get hurt in this. The only person getting hurt was me and now two other innocents."

The suspect was killed outside the motel.

Flores said that her husband was not in the right mind space at the time of the incident.

“I love my husband to death but like I said, this wasn’t my husband. This was a monster,"

To donate to the families of the officers that were killed, please click here.

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