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Bees Are Fish... According To California

Four species of bees are now legally considered to be fish -- at least in California...

A California appeals court on Friday handed down the decision, ruling that four species of bees fall within the definition of fish, because each is considered to be a 'protected species'.

Elqui Valley bees / Abejas del Valle de Elqui

Photo: Getty Images

What's more, is the court has also declared the Crotch bumble bee, the Franklin bumble bee, the Suckley cuckoo bumble bee and the Western bumble bee to be invertebrates, according to Friday's ruling.

The decision follows a 2019 lawsuit in which California growers claimed the California Fish and Game Commission overstepped its bounds by declaring the bees a protected species. And by California law, a protected species is defined as "bird, mammal, fish, amphibian, reptile or plant."

The appeal was filed after the commission lost the lawsuit.

Does this make ANY sense to you?! Sure doesn't to us...

Read the full report on Reuters.

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