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UPDATE: George Gascon tried to get an LA Judge to spare a triple murderer the death penalty ! Thankfully, the Judge said screw you....

Whittier Daily News:

Superior Court Judge Raul A. Sahagun refused to allow a statement to be read in court on behalf of Gascon, according to Deputy District Attorney John McKinney. The county’s top prosecutor reiterated in that statement that he “does not believe the death penalty is an appropriate punishment in any case” and asked that the court consider Gascon’s policy on the death penalty “in exercising its sentencing discretion in this matter.”
The judge, who had earlier denied a motion for a new trial, also rejected an automatic motion to reduce the jury’s March 2020 recommendation of death for the 39-year-old defendant to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
In a Tweet posted shortly before the sentencing, McKinney called it “one of the most horrendous crimes I ever prosecuted.”
“If he committed the same murders today, DA Gascon wouldn’t charge special circs (circumstances) or gun allegations and Harris would be eligible for parole after just 20 years,” the prosecutor wrote in his Tweet.

Here is your chance to get rid of this despicably dangerous hack before he ruins the rest of Southern California.

His motive all along was to start a new wave of woke pro-criminal reforms.

LA County cities both rich and poor have taken a no-confidence stand against Gascon.

If you live in OC or any surrounding counties, beware, these criminal-loving hacks want to infect your area too.

Recall organizers must gather valid signatures from 579,062 registered voters in LA county by Oct. 27 for the recall to qualify for the ballot.

Sign yours now !!!!

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