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Gascon Accuses Recall Proponents of Using Victims in 'Unconscionable' Ways

San Francisco And Los Angeles District Attorneys Make Announcement Regarding Uber And Lyft Rideshare Companies

Jennifer Van Laar, managing editor of Red State has an exclusive look to the despicable mindset of LA County District Attorney George Gascon.

Jennifer was sent a secretly recorded video of a zoom meeting with some creeps who identify only as local Democrats.

Listen to Jennifer talk to John & Ken about what she heard and what she saw. Gascon blames "KFI talk shows" for spreading misinformation and also dismisses recall efforts

From Jennifer's Red State piece:

One of the last questioners mentioned the recall notice and asked how supporters can help keep him in office. Gascon threw out a laundry list of insults against the recall proponents and supporters, leading off with a pretty shocking one — that the recall was being driven by “lock-em-up” Republicans who are “using” traumatized victims in “unconscionable” ways.

So, you know, just basically people were unhappy. They did not want me to become District Attorney. They didn’t want, you know, the movement that we’re pushing, and they are now doing this. And you know, unfortunately – and I – you know, I don’t say this in a partisan way, but it’s really unfortunate that it seems to be driven by Republicans, right. So we have Steve Cooley, a Republican, former District Attorney, very lock-em-up kind of guy; Dennis Zine, former City Councilman, former member of the LA Police Protective League, a Republican; Antonovich, former Board of Supervisors, a Republican. And they have taken a few victims of crime that are very traumatized and they are – they’re using them in ways that I find unconscionable.


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