CA Health Department says to "Limit" for the Sake of CA Business Operations

CA Health officials declare the plateau of CA’s Coronavirus quarantine. Done in efforts to reopen local business, health departments delivered a declaration of guidelines to give California the final thrust it needs in order to allow more businesses to reopen. “Limiting” is the bottom line Barbara Ferrer and other health officials describe as the bottom line of improving California’s pandemic circumstances. Exposure to others, getting tested, and analyzing individual risk factors, are the guidelines to shifting CA’s authorization to reopen local businesses.  

“We are all proud of how diligently L.A. County has followed the health guidance,” Board Chair Supervisor Kathryn Barger said. We’ve seen case rates plateau without any major openings.”

LA County has experienced the reopening of several businesses including breweries, parks, malls, and nail salons. However, the county remains in the purple tear, also known as the most restrictive tier. The CA Health department has reported that these businesses have shown “relatively high” signals of compliance, a good thing if California ever hopes to get back to normalcy.

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