Watch Two Teens Pretend To Spill Coronavirus On Busy NYC Subway...

Imagine this...

You're simply trying to take the subway to your job in New York City, but during your commute you notice two men dressed in full-body hazmat suits, and holding a bucket of liquid labeled "COVID-19"...

Well, it happened not too long ago.

“I hope that’s Kool-Aid,” one passenger asked the two — while another asked, “Is that coronavirus?”

Then moments later, one of the teens pretends to fall onto the floor, spilling the liquid plastered with "WARNING" stickers...

Thankfully, it was all a sick joke, and the liquid was actually just Kool-Aid.

The pair was later identified by Insider as pranksters David Flores, 17, and Morris Cordewell, 19, of Queens.

“The first half [of the prank], people were kinda scared,” Cordewell told Insider. “After we were like, ‘Yo, it’s a prank,’ people were laughing.”

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Check out the full story on the New York Post.

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