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San Pedro's Homeless Shelter Debate Continues

(Photo: Saving San Pedro Facebook Page)

On Thursday, we spoke with Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino about the homeless problem in San Pedro.

John and Ken asked him about the new homeless shelters opening up in the city, but they got no clear answers. They even encouraged him to resign, and all Buscaino had to say was "Well, bring it!"

But before their live interview with Joe Buscaino, John and Ken also spoke with Joanne Rallo, the founder of Saving San Pedro.

Rallo expressed her concern with the new homeless shelters opening, saying that the homeless problem only brings more problems and vagrancy to her community.

“All these tourists are going to come off these ships and walk past this area,” Rallo said on the show. “It’s two blocks away from a preschool, it’s near businesses and about 25 homes. So why is this location being proposed?”

The two interviews on yesterday's John and Ken show seemed to spark even more debates on the homeless issue in San Pedro.

To speak up, some residents will be gathering at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 8, on San Pedro's main thoroughfare. If you would like to protest the proposed site for the San Pedro homeless shelter, you are encouraged to join in on Saturday morning.

An article was released Thursday following the show that highlighted the different sides of the debate. Read the full article at the Press-Telegram.

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