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Funeral held for murdered 19 year-old Blaze Bernstein

A funeral service was held on Monday for Blaze Bernstein, the 19 year-old pre-med student who was stabbed more than 20 times and murdered over the Winter break.

Bernstein first went missing the first week of January 2018.  He was reported as such when he didn't show up for a dentist appointment and had stopped responding to messages and calls.

A campaign was created to help track down the young college student, which unfortunately only lasted a week before he was found:

Bernstein's body was discovered partially buried in a shallow grave at Borrego Park in Lake Forest on January 9, 2018.

One of his former classmates, 20 year-old Sam Lincoln Winword, was arrested in Newport Beach in connection with the murder.

The latest reports from Winword's accounts however reveal a story filled with plot holes and forgotten names.  

All attempts to explain away this situation may be fruitless, as local sheriffs are citing DNA evidence as the ties to the murder.

Read more at NBC News Los Angeles.

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