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Jon Coupal: 'Will CA taxpayers ever trust the Republican Party again?'

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This afternoon Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, joined us to discuss what President Trump's tax plan could mean for California.

He also wrote a recent piece titled, "Will California taxpayers ever trust the Republican Party again?" Here's the beginning of it:

"The California GOP is rapidly approaching the edge of a black hole from which there is no escape. But rather than reverse course by appealing to the needs and aspirations of average Californians, the response by some Republicans in the Legislature is to rush forward to throw themselves into the abyss by supporting policies that punish the middle-class.

Only a quarter of California voters are registered Republicans, barely more than those declaring no party preference. In the Legislature, Republicans number less than a third of lawmakers in each house.

There was a time when even some Democrats in the Legislature supported a healthy economy, taxpayers’ rights and Proposition 13. If any still exist, they are hiding under their desks. Over the last two decades, that party has lurched to the left and those now in Sacramento are devoted to serving the interests of government (aka public sector unions), the ever-expanding entitlement class and the wealthy denizens of coastal enclaves..."

Click here to continue reading the piece, and listen to his interview from today's show:

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