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"Mad Pooper's" spokeshole says she has brain damage from sex change surgery

Remember that "Mad Pooper" story out of Colorado last week? Well, a man called KRDO News in Colorado Springs and claimed to be a "spokesperson" for the pooper and tried to explain her actions.

He wouldn't identify her, but called her "Shirley." According to him, Shirley is sorry for defecating on people's lawns when she's out jogging and says that it's not her fault. 

He said she suffered a traumatic brain injury after having a sex change operation, and now she can no longer control herself.

The "spokesperson" also said her pooping is protected under the First Amendment, and the government can't control where she does her business. He compared it to breastfeeding in public.

Criminal Defense Attorney Jeremy Loew told KRDO that's a bunch of crap:

"Defecating in someone's yard is definitely not protected under the First Amendment and it is actually a crime."

He added that she could be facing indecent exposure charges and might even end up on a sex offender registry list.

The "spokesperson" posted a video to YouTube but it's been removed. Hopefully the mystery of the "Mad Pooper" can be resolved soon!

Click here to read more at KRDO.

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