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L.A. Times is okay with congestion pricing

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Los Angeles has horrible traffic, and our leaders think the answer is to reduce lanes, kick everyone out their cars, and force them onto public transportation.

It's no secret anymore, that is what Mayor Garcetti and the majority of L.A. city and county leaders want. They don't want you in your car. They want you to turn L.A. into a European-style city where you can walk everywhere and everything is unicorns and rainbows!

It just won't work. It will never work because the city is too spread out, and people here don't want to live in disgusting dense urban centers. Garcetti wants you in a high rise and wants you to bike to work everyday. Bonin wants it too, and so do the nut jobs at the Los Angeles Times. Here's the title of the latest piece from the Editorial Board, "Everyone hates tolls, but drastic times may call for drastic measures to fix L.A.'s traffic."

The article argues in favor of "congestion pricing," which means turning normal roads into toll roads during rush hour. 

How gross is that? Here's a bit from the Times piece:

"Los Angeles has the dubious distinction of having the nation’s — and perhaps even the world’s — worst traffic.

Our clogged roadways create all kinds of unhealthy and unproductive side effects. The most serious is the region’s dangerously high levels of air pollution, which can be so potent in some communities that children’s lungs are permanently damaged just by breathing. There’s also the loss of productivity that comes with workers and deliveries stuck in traffic, not to mention the mental and physical stress of crawling bumper to bumper..."

Click here to read the full article at the LA Times.

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