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Granada Hills residents fed up with homeless squatters

A neighborhood in Granada Hills is dealing with homeless squatters who have moved into a neighbor's backyard.

Residents say transients are living among them on their street, and there's nothing the police can do to help.

Neighbor Aram Guekguezian told ABC 7:

"I don't see kids playing outside no more. Even my mom, she doesn't walk outside anymore."

Dozens of people say homeless people have been living at the home for more than a year. Eddie Hawkins lives next door to the home:

"There's a constant flow of about six or seven and an untold number of bikes that come here and people through the middle of the night."

Hawkins says the homeless there poop in the backyard, party in the middle of the night, and leave messes behind:

"There's consistent drug use. Police show up. They can't do anything because (the people) say they're allowed to live there per the owner."

The homeowner is Vietnam veteran Jerry Kent, who hadn't spoken to his neighbors until now. ABC 7 talked to Kent, and he told them that he can't do anything to get the people off of his property:

He said he let a woman stay on his property this summer, but she has yet to leave and she keeps bringing more people over:

"I've asked her to leave several times, but she keeps coming back with more stuff."

Neighbors are willing to help Kent get the people off of his property and are more than willing to help clean it up.

Click here for more at ABC 7.

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