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'Poopman' strikes car washes in Kentucky

Soak-N-Wet Car Wash owners in Kentucky are asking for the public's help in finding a man they've dubbed "poopman."

Poopman was caught on video dropping a loaf inside of two separate car wash locations.  Co-owner Becky Whittinghill posted Tuesday on Facebook:

“Does anyone know this guy? Help me make this viral. Poopman strikes again!”

Becky's husband Tim told the New York Post:

“He also goes through our vacuum trash. We call ‘em vacuum bandits because they pick out other people’s change from the vacuum trash. But he’s hit both of our car washes now, so I guess he has a problem.”

The couple posted the videos of Poopman because they want to put an end to his madness. 

Click here to read more at the New York Post.

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