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Man filled soap dispensers with semen at Detroit airport

There's a fluid situation at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Investigators say semen was found in the soap dispensers in the North Terminal bathrooms last week.

Travelers are grossed out. Matthew Demers told Fox 2 Detroit:

"So I just used the men’s bathroom, I just washed my hands and coming to find this out - it is a little disgusting."

Jamilia McClendon, who cleans the bathrooms at the airport, says workers don't think a passenger is responsible. It would have to be a person who has access to the dispensers:

"The way the soap dispensers are under the sink, a passenger wouldn't know how to get up under, and untwist them. It really is disgusting. A lot of crazy things happen at the airport."

The Airport Authority is installing new tamper-proof soap dispensers, and are watching the restrooms more closely.

Click here to read more at Fox 2 Detroit.

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