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LA Animal Services wants to hide pit bull history to boost adoptions

The Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commissioners are thinking about removing breed labels from city animal shelters in order to boost pit bull adoptions.

Michelle Sathe of Best Friends Animal Society told CBS 2 News:

“There is a stigma against pit bull terriers and breeds of that nature. Best Friends believes every dog, every pet is an individual, and it’s not based on breed or looks.”

Kenneth Phillips, a local dog-bite attorney and leading expert on this topic, told City Watch LA:

"A shelter that places dogs into the homes of families should know that the public expects only suitable dogs will be placed. Essentially an implied warranty of suitability arises from the very relationship between the public and the shelter. People have the right to expect either a suitable dog or at least a full disclosure." 

On his website, he adds:

"Sellers, rescue organizations, adoption agencies, shelters and dog owners, known as 'transferors,'  have certain legal obligations when they place a dog with a new owner. A breach of any of those obligations can result in civil liability or even criminal charges."

Attorney Kenneth Phillips spoke to us this afternoon about this issue:

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