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Recall Bonin officially launches campaign

Yesterday the group Recall Bonin gathered outside of Venice Grind Coffee Co. in Mar Vista and officially launched their campaign against councilman Mike Bonin for his role in the disastrous "road diets:" 

Group leader Alexis Edelstein said:

“Mike Bonin would like to make you think this is actually about safety."

Venice Grind owner Demetrios Mavromichalis, who used to support Bonin, said he and other businesses have been nearly ruined by the road changes:

“The only thing Mike’s going to listen to is a recall. Now they call me a traitor, well you know what? You betrayed me, you betrayed your whole community, you betrayed everybody that voted for you and, if you pulled this crap before the election, you would’ve never gotten elected.”

Both Alexis and Demetrios joined us at The Shack for our second road diet remote yesterday and made made their announcement on our show before their press conference.

Recall Bonin has raised more than $40,000 of its $200,000 goal and will start signature gathering in November. We need 27,000 valid signatures of registered voters in L.A.'s 11th District (That's you Westsiders) to trigger a recall election.  

Even if you don't live in his district, you should still donate to Recall Bonin! There are "road diets" planned all over the city, we can't let that happen!

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