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Carl DeMaio on effort to repeal gas tax hike in Nov. 2018

Yesterday Carl DeMaio and his group Reform California filed papers to launch a ballot initiative aimed at repealing the insane car and gas tax approved by the state last April.

DeMaio said:

"Sacramento politicians really crossed the line with these massive car and gas tax hikes and we intend to give taxpayers the chance to reverse that decision with this initiative."

Governor Jerry Brown came back with this:

“I can’t believe the proponents of this ballot measure really want Californians to keep driving on lousy roads and dangerous bridges. Taking billions of dollars a year from road maintenance and repair borders on insanity.”

Brown is such a lunatic, we shouldn't have to be taxed for our lousy roads to be fixed. We already pay for them!

Click here to read more at the L.A. Times, and click here to sign the petition to end the car and gas tax!

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