About two weeks ago, Anaheim Council Member Lucille Kring toured the homeless camps along the Santa Ana riverbed. Here's what she had to say about it:

"My tour of the riverbed homeless encampment yesterday made my commitment to close this illegal encampment even stronger. This is basically a prison yard with no rules. Drug use and sales of drugs are rampant and being controlled by the local gangs 'shot callers.' The majority of the people here are early release criminals victimizing the small minority that want help. 

The young man in the photo wearing the blue shorts is a released Felon from a Missouri state prison. He was shot in the foot while living here last month. 

The health hazard and safety risks to these people and to our public safety officers who contact them is enormous. Please support my efforts to close this encampment and all others like it. Remember, help is available for those homeless who accept it."