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Florida lunch lady arrested for sexual activity with student

Aimee Chevalier - Hernando County Sheriff's Office

(Aimee Chevalier - Hernando County Sheriff's Office)

A cafeteria worker at Hernando Christian Academy in Florida was arrested after her "sexting-type relationship" became physical with a teen at the school last year.

40-year-old Aimee Chevalier exchanged about 100 sexually explicit messages, including photos and videos of her nude body, before meeting with the teen in the school's kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, the pair did all kinds of sex stuff to each other.

She admitted to investigators that she was aware of the boy's age and that what she did was wrong. She also told them that she had plans to have sex with the boy during a house party at one of his friend's homes while the parents were away.

This isn't her first run-in with the law. In 2007 Chevalier was charged with organized fraud of less than $20,000 and petty theft of less than $100. In 2008 and 2009 she was the defendant in domestic violence cases.

Her arrest comes just three months after 68-year-old Bruce McAllister, the husband of the school's former principal, was busted for assaulting three teen foreign exchange students who were under his guardianship.

McAllister was a volunteer at the school, and earned the students' trust by telling them that he was a sports expert and promised to make them American football stars.

What a couple of disgusting creeps.

Click here to read more at the Tampa Bay Times.

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