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Spanish town's "Running of the Balls" leaves man in coma

A Spanish town's bull-friendly version of the "Running of the Bulls" left a man in a coma and another person with broken ribs and a concussion.

About 700 got together in Mataelpino last weekend for the "Running of the Balls," where people try to outrun a 660-pound resin ball rolling downhill hitting speeds of 20 miles per hour.

Mayor Javier Pérez de los Nietos told reporters:

“We are going to review all of our security measures and boost the information given out because people have started coming here from all over the world. We don’t want this to become a tragic event, but rather something fun.”

You can see the ball wipe out a man standing next to a fence in the video above.

The Mayor added:

“People who are used to bulls know that they can’t just stand still in front of them because they could be gored. But with the ball, some people think that nothing will happen to them — but this is not the case. If they get a direct hit, it can be serious.”

What a dumb thing to do.

Click her for more at the Washington Times.

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